Water Filtration
Made Simple

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Enjoy the Water Filtration Advantage

So how does it all work? A water filtration system connects to your existing water supply to reduce potentially harmful impurities1 and other contaminants in tap water1 and, with the reverse-osmosis process, reduces total dissolved solids (TDS).1 Don't worry if you're not sure what's in your water – your water filtration specialist will figure it out for you. Because water is filtered before it's dispensed from your tap, refrigerator, ice maker, water cooler or coffee dispenser, you get fresh, safe water for drinking, making coffee and tea, and even watering plants.

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We Know Water Filtration

Interested in water filtration service? We provide high-quality water filtration solutions for your home or office. Our complete line of water filtration coolers can improve the taste,1 purity and safety of water for you and your family, employees or customers. And your filtration equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by our team of professional water filtration experts who helped us earn our company name. Thanks to our years of experience, we make water filtration simple.

The Latest in Filtration Technology

Our water filtration coolers filter your tap water to provide an ongoing supply of refreshing drinking water for one low fixed rate. We combine the latest equipment and water filtration technologies to help ensure your water will be free of unpleasant odors, tastes,1 color and contaminants.1 You'll have a choice of convenient bottle-less water dispensers or under-sink models, as well as carbon and reverse-osmosis water filtration systems. Let us help you determine which water filtration coolers are right for your home and office.

We Give Service a Good Name

Our water filtration coolers are installed and serviced by professionally trained technicians qualified to make sure everything works the way it should. Our technicians will inspect your dispenser regularly and respond immediately to your service calls. Our water filtration and beverage equipment services provide professional beverage services for both residential and commercial clients. You can rely on our teams to service all of your water filtration needs.

Filtration water coolers must be located within 20 feet of a water source. Your water filtration specialist will tap the incoming water line, and some of your water will be drawn through the filtration system to your water cooler. If you select reverse-osmosis filtration, access to a drain is required. A drain is not necessary with an activated carbon filtration system. Granite countertops may require drilling to install some filtration equipment.

Application of the Water Filtration System

Our experts can install a water filter system under your sink or attached to a bottle-less water cooler. If you go for the compact, under-sink system, filtered water is dispensed from a special faucet installed on your sink. With a filtration system plumbed to a water cooler, piping-hot or ice-cold water is dispensed at the push of a button. Either way, you'll enjoy the clean, refreshing taste you deserve.

Refreshing Customer Service

Our service includes the following every 6 or 12 months:

6-month and 12-month scheduling

*Actual service performed depends on equipment type.
1 "Water Health Series: Filtration Facts," EPA, https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-11/documents/2005_11_17_faq_fs_healthseries_filtration.pdf