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Canadians Nourishing Canadians At Work and At Home



What Your Cup of Coffee Says About You


According to body language specialists Judi James and James Moore, co-authors of The You Code, there may actually be something to linking people to their cups of coffee. James and Moore argue that there is a direct link between personality type and coffee drinking habits.


The Espresso Drinker


According to James and Moore, the espresso lover is someone with a lot of life experience. They are charismatic, energetic and the life of the party. Espresso drinkers tend to know how to get what they want and can often be smooth talkers who are just out looking for a good time. Moodiness is their biggest vice.


The Black Coffee Drinker


Black coffee drinkers are usually the no-nonsense types. They are meticulous, well organized and tend to avoid drama in their personal lives. Black coffee drinkers are straightforward and authentic. Since they don’t take sugar in their coffee, they tend to avoid sugar-coating their words as well. These coffee drinkers are great with money and they usually run in the same circles with successful professional individuals.


The Latte Drinker


Latte drinkers are laid-back types who love to spend time pondering the meaning of life. However, when it comes to making decisions, latte lovers are often indecisive and would be much happier if they had someone to tell them what to do most of the time. In spite of their indecisiveness, these coffee drinkers know how to maintain a calm demeanour and are extremely supportive in their personal relationships.  


The Cappuccino Drinker


Much like a cappuccino, these drinkers are characterized by their frothy and bubbly personalities. They are usually loving and caring, and people are often drawn to their warmth and passion. These coffee drinkers are creative, honest and motivated. They make excellent friends, but only associate with other imaginative spirits.


The Mocha Drinker


These coffee drinkers are overly affectionate, compassionate and insightful. Mocha drinkers are true romantics and chronic flirts. However, despite their constant need to be in love, they can have a difficult time committing to relationships and are generally unreliable.


The Frappuccino Drinker


The frappuccino drinker is extremely fashionable and doesn’t like anything if it is more than 10 minutes old. They are adventurous, courageous and always looking to try something new. This coffee drinker is a real people person and has an easy time making friends. Frappuccino drinkers are extroverts who are always up for a new challenge. They are highly exciting, but are occasionally in need of a healthy reality check.  


The Decaf Soy Milk Drinker


This coffee drinker tends to be high-maintenance. Much like the effort put into actually placing their drink order, a lot of effort is needed from other people to get along with them. Decaf soy milk drinkers are picky to a fault and uneasy about trying new things. Others view these coffee drinkers as self-righteous and self-centred – which is usually a pretty accurate description of their personality type. 


The Non-Coffee Drinker


According to James and Moore, those who are frightened by coffee are frightened by life. The non-coffee drinker is unadventurous, boring and childlike, as only children are intended to abstain from the wonderful world of coffee. However, there is a glimmer of hope and a chance for these poor souls to turn things around, because James and Moore say that three weeks is all you need to convert a non-coffee drinker into a believer!



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