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Did you know?

We have bottom loading coolers. No more lifting bottles!

Sleek & Stylish Coolers for the Kitchen

Choose from a variety of modern, sleek and stylish water dispensers that combine the latest in functionality and style to complement any home kitchen. Designed to either dispense water from our refillable bottles, or from our point-of-use systems. Chillers are also available to help provide you a refreshing glass of cold filtered water from your kitchen tap.

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Did you know?

18L bottles are used up to 55 times carrying 1,000 litres of water in their lifetime before we retire them from service? Then they are fully recycled along with their caps. Nothing goes to landfill.


The most economically sized water format carrying either 11 or 18 litres of water. Our iconic water cooler bottles are also completely returnable, refillable and recyclable! As one of the most sustainable options for beverages on the market today in terms of low environmental impact, no other water container comes close to the overall benefits of our large format water.

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Did you know?

By the time a person feels thirsty he or she has already lost 1% of the body’s total water?

water on the go

Spring, sparkling or mineral water packaged in convenient sizes for on-the-go portability, or for your office guests. Premium brands with a variety of small format sizes, having water at hand for the active, health-minded individual just got a whole lot simpler!

Other Cold drinks Juice & soft drinks SMALL FORMAT BOTTLED WATER – CASE GOODS

Did you know?

Coffee beans are actually the pit of a berry, which makes them a fruit. The best fruit!

All The Necessities

Complete your service with all the necessities of a beverage program. The small details of having the perfect beverage experience are found here including having functional racks and storage options for your coffee and accessories.

CUPS, LIDS & stir sticks milk, cream & whiteners sugar & sweeteners

Did you know?

We can connect your water filter directly to your coffee brewer for a noticeably better tasting cup?

Top quality brewers

Choose from a wide selection of coffee brewers! Brew a perfectly aromatic cup of coffee from our huge coffee pods selection, or relax in the morning with a traditionally brewed pot of smooth coffee.


Did you know?

We have many different filters available that are suitable for your source water conditions.

Reliable & limitless

Limitless water supply that’s maintenance free and space saving. Professional grade water filtrations systems available for your office or home give you great tasting water without many of the harmful chemicals and impurities!


Did you know?

99% of your cup of coffee is made of water! That's another reason to bundle your services with us.

Wake Up Special

Our coffee, tea and hot beverage program offers you a range of premium brands delivering the freshest and most aromatic coffee beans, exotic teas and a wide selection of other beverages. A solution for all everyone in the family when at home, we’ve got you covered.

ground coffee whole bean coffee Tea coffee & tea pods other hot beverages

Did you know?

We offer sanitization services for your cooler? Keeping it cool and clean!

Functional Accessories

Keep your office organized with a variety of accessories meant to save on space, provide convenience and help manage your time! Always have cups available to serve water from your dispenser, or bottles tucked away from sight with our different storage options.